Due to Uganda's geographical location, a wide range of organic products can be grown in the country throughout the year. These could be looked into two categories: i.e. these largely targeting the export market and the other grown or processed targeting the local/domestic and regional markets.

The local market crops range from staple foods like matooke, millet, cassava, local and exotic vegetables and fruits, juices, honey, to processed and livestock products like eggs.

Product Variety Seasonality Shelf Life Packaging Weight
1 1 1 1 1 1
Apple Bananas (fresh) Local (Ndizi) All year 7 days Boxes 3/6 Kgs
Bark Cloth (processed)   All year N/A Rolls  
Bird Eyed Chillies (dried) Red Eyed Chillies All year 1 year Boxes 9-10 Kgs
Cocoa (dried)   Aug-May 2 years Sacks 25 Kgs
Coffee Robusta/Arabic Aug-March N/A Sacks 25-50 Kgs
Dried Fruits Pineapples, Apple, Bananas, Mangoes, Papaya, Jack Fruit All year 1 year Boxes 100gms, 200gms, 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 2Kg, & 10Kgs
Dried Hibiscus Sabdariffa All year N/A Sacks 25 Kgs
Essential oils (processed) Lemon grass & Lavender All year   Bottles 10/20 mls
Fish (fillet and whole fish) Nile Perch & Tilapia All year   Frozen 5/10 Kgs
Honey and Wax Natural Honey All year   10/20 jars @ box 25gms, 50gms & 150gms
Mangoes (fresh) Kent, Keitt, Tomartikin, Dodo Aug-Jan 7 days 10 pcs @ box 3-4 Kgs
Papaya (fresh) Sorrow-sun trade & Sunrise Aug-Mar 7 days 3-4 pcs @ box 3/6 Kgs
Passion Fruits (fresh) Kawanda Hybrid Oct - Jan, Mar-April 14 days 10/20 pcs @ box 3 Kgs
Pineapples (fresh) Smooth Cayenne & Victoria Oct - July 21 days 6-pcs @ Box 10-12 Kgs
Sesame/Simsim (dried) Sesame 11 Jun-Aug 1 year Sacks 25 Kgs
Shea butter (processed) & nuts (dried) Vitellaria Nilotica All year 2 years Tins, buckets & jerrican 25 gms, 5 Kgs
Vanilla (cured) Bourbon Aug-May 1 year Boxes 10 Kgs