Training, Research and Extension

NOGAMU is committed to building and enhancing capacity at various levels within the organic sector (production, Export and processing). NOGAMU offers a range of services in the areas of training, research and extension. Such services include:
Assess members training needs
Develop training materials
Organizing training work shops
Organizing exchange visits
Areas of training
Organic production of various crops (Agronomy)
Soil fertility management in organic systems
Soil and water management
Weed management in organic Agriculture
Post harvest handling
Processing of organic products (fruits and vegetables)
Different standards (Organic, fair trade, UTZ)
Internal Control Systems
Internal Quality Management
Marketing of organic products (local and export)
Consultancy Areas
Specialized training can also be conducted on request, addressing specific needs in the organic companies as well as NGOS especially in the quality Assurance and building competitiveness of organic products in the market place. The training is offered to members at subsidized rates but can be offered to the general public at affordable fees. Other areas of consultancy may include:
Training on organic production, Processing and Marketing (various crops)
Training and technical advice on pest and disease management
Training and technical advice on sustainable weed management
Conducting training needs assessment
Post harvest handling
Training on standards and certification
Training on market creation sustenance, Development and research
Developing Internal Control System (ICS)
Develop Internal Quality Management Systems (IQM)
Carry out Feasibility studies
Developing training materials
Conducting field /Exchange visits
Agro tourism
Trainings regarding marketing issues are conducted in close cooperation with the marketing department.
NOGAMU also collaborates with other training institutions to provide human Development in particular the Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), which offers a degree and certificate course in organic agriculture. For more information visit: Other institutions offering short courses in Organic Agriculture include Kenya institute of Organic Farming (KIOF) and Makerere University at
Available documents
NOGAMU Organic Agriculture Training guide
Past and present local knowledge  and practices of livestock management in Uganda that are compatible with organic farming
Local knowledge and practices of organic crop pest and disease management
Organic seed production manual
Training materials available for sale
Organic Robusta Coffee Production Manual for Farmer Trainers
Organic Arabica Coffee production Manual for Farmer Trainers
Organic pineapple production Manual for Farmer Trainers
Organic Cotton production Manual for Farmer Trainers
Other materials that have been developed (awaiting publication) include:
Organic Cocoa production Manual
Organic apple banana production manual




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